Mahakala Thangka, courtesy Marian Bond
Image courtesy of Feilding Public Library
Image courtesy of Andy Fenton
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The ‘BIG Rig’

In our constant search for the best possible image quality coupled with handling capability NZMS have developed new digitisation equipment based on medium format cameras to facilitate capturing a bigger area than the SLR-based devices permit.  We also needed a sensor commensurate with the larger “frame” or image area.  We selected a combination of Mamiya camera and PhaseOne digital back.  More importantly NZMS designed and manufactured this digitising rig based on a requirement for portability and ease of re-location (to client sites!); also a suite that could be easily assembled in a small area.  We also sought an extremely colour accurate sensor and lighting system.

Our medium format camera rigs can digitise any object from postage stamp size through to A0.  Any original, be it reflective material such as maps, plans, paintings, books, manuscripts, or transparent originals like negatives, slides or glass plates can be handled with extreme care and digitised to a high-quality 60MegaPixel image. 

 It’s our digitise anything, anywhere, approach to your work!