Image courtesy of Andy Fenton
Image courtesy of Feilding Public Library
Mahakala Thangka, courtesy Marian Bond
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Fujitsu 5750 and 6770 Scanners

The Fujitsu f-5750 and fi-6770 are performance desktop scanners that are capable of digitising documents at impressive speeds (90 pages/minute). With their A3 flatbeds we can digitise a wide range of documents such as catalogue cards, pamphlets, photographic prints and letters, that are loose or have been disbound.

These scanners also come with straight-path Automatic Document Feeders which enable them to efficiently digitise large volumes of  'robust or modern' documents. On top of this, they are able to scan paper that is up to 3m long, which enables them to digitise whakapapa, scrolls, electrocardiograms, instrumental data readings and other long documents.

We currently have three of these scanners throughout the country.