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Mahakala Thangka, courtesy Marian Bond
Image courtesy of Feilding Public Library
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Microfilming Overview

Microfilm is still the favoured medium for preserving documents such as newspapers, serials and manuscripts. It is reliable, durable, and more importantly IT independent. Microfilm can be easily duplicated and digitised for access. If stored properly it has an expected life of 500 years.

Many institutions combine microfilming with film scanning and OCR as a cost effective way to both preserve and enhance access to brittle and deteriorating print resources.

NZMS are recognised as the industry leader in New Zealand for microfilming and scanning historical and archival documents. Our microfilm is created on high contrast 35 mm silver halide microfilm and conforms to ISO Standards. Our people have regularly contributed to the development and upkeep of national and international standards for imaging technologies since 1996.  NZMS are also Australasian agents for AGFA microfilm and chemicals.

A feature of our service is that the preparation of materials for capture is standard. This includes page by page inspection for print quality and irregularities, plus collation of the latest most complete editions of the title. Internationally this is usually undertaken by the custodian.