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Mahakala Thangka, courtesy Marian Bond
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Digital Microfilm

Can you guarantee your digital images will be migrated across platforms and formats over the years?  Do you want the ultimate "backup"? 

Microfilming and digitisation can be combined in several ways. Most commonly documents are microfilmed first and digitised from the film (see Microform Scanning for more on this). It is also possible to digitise first and preserve the page images on film using COM (Computer Output Microfilm) technology. COM, or "digital microfilm" is created by copying electronic text or image files onto microfilm. It can be produced as 16 or 35 mm roll film or microfiche.

NZMS has been collating information on “digital microfilm” for many years, patiently waiting for the 35mm-capable devices to offer the functionality and reach the quality levels that NZMS expects for preservation standard microfilm.  We have been formally offering this service since 2011.

NZMS is the only place to go for quality digital microfilm in New Zealand.

Case Studies

Digital Microfilm

The Otago Daily Times (ODT) is New Zealand’s oldest surviving daily newspaper.  It was first published in 1861 and NZMS has microfilmed the vast majority of these historical... read more »