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Mahakala Thangka, courtesy Marian Bond
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More About Transcription

Transcription is the act of copying textual information from a digitised image into another form, usually a document, spread sheet or database. Types of digitised images that could be transcribed might include handwritten documents, index cards, lists, scripts, typed fonts that do not OCR well or simple data like names and addresses.

Double data transcription is a data entry quality control method. In the first pass through a set of records, data keystrokes are entered onto each record as the data entry operator types them.  On the second pass through the batch, an operator at a separate machine enters the same data again.  This information is then either fed through a computer verification program or is checked by a person comparing the two blocks of data.  The verifier compares the second operator's keystrokes with the contents of the record.  If there were no discrepancies the verifier accepts the data. If there are discrepancies between the two blocks of data a choice is made as to which is the best to choose from.  This can be handled by means of strict vocabulary dictionaries, customer-prescribed “rules” or manually by a data operator.  The accuracy for double data transcription should exceed 99.9%.

Single-entry transcription is used in the interest of simplicity. It is usually less expensive than double-entry transcription because it does not require data to be entered twice and then compared.
Expected accuracy will vary depending on the transcription method chosen and the quality of the originals and digitised images.  We recommend a pilot on some “typical” data be undertaken to fine tune cost-estimates and provide evidence of quality expectations.

The real value of NZMS in this process is in the troubleshooting experience we have in this area (significant!) as well as providing a Quality Assurance interface for you.  We welcome your enquiry about improving the discoverability of your material via transcription.