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Image courtesy of Feilding Public Library
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Audiovisual Digital Capture


As experts in the digitisation of physical analogue originals we are often asked about digital capture of audiovisual materials.

It has become evident that, while documents with text and images can be kept as originals after digitisation, in the case of audio and video documents, digitisation is often the only viable method for long-term preservation, because, apart from the instability of the medium itself, dedicated replay equipment is rapidly vanishing.

In 2013 UNESCO in Fundamental principles of digitization of documentary heritage stated that the time window left for the replay of audio and video originals might only be 15 years - we are now looking at as little as 10 years before we lose the ability to deal with a large amount of this media, adding urgency to the situation.  

Audiovisual documents must be digitised with appropriate digital resolution, and that capture resolution must equal or exceed the quality of original as, in the long-term, the digital master file will be the only version available.  Film preservation is adopting digitisation out of necessity as manufacture of motion picture film is fading.  As our world moves increasingly towards digital there is a multitude of media which will inevitably become unusable due to it deteriorating or the equipment to play it on becoming obsolete.

We can help


There is a wide range of videoptape formats, both consumer (both home player and handycam) and commercial.  We digitise most types of videotape tapes to Archival standards. Find out more about Videotape Digitisation.

Reel to Reel tapes

There is a range of 1/4" reel to reel tape speeds and we can work with all of them to digitise reel to reel audiotape to Archival standards. Find out more about Reel to Reel tape digitisation.

Compact Audiocassettes

A huge amount of recorded history exists on compact audiocassettes.  We can assist in digitising your audiocassettes to Archival standards. Find out more about Audiocassette digitisation.

Vinyl Records

Many individuals maintain vinyl record collections and these can be digitised for personal use. Find out more about Vinyl Record digitisation.

Motion Picture Film

Many organisations and individuals have a large amount of historical records on 8mm and 16mm film.  We can assist with digitising 8mm and 16mm motion picture film to Archival standards. Find out more about Motion Picture Film digitisation.

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